Welcome to the Sterling Country Club


Sterling Country Club was formed in November of 1964 to construct a golf course
and clubhouse for the use of its members and the community of Sterling. It is structured
as a semi-private golf club with paid annual members and is also open for public play
through daily green fees. Throughout the year the club hosts community fundraiser tournaments
such as the Sterling Presbyterian Manor, Lynn Yeakel, Sterling Chamber of
Commerce and regional high school tournaments.


Through the years it has provided an outdoor activity location for young children
to learn the game of golf, local business owners an entertainment opportunity for
potential clients, and for retired community members a place to remain active

Great news! We are finally able to open the course for full play!

We ask that everyone please be mindful of the newly planted areas and to repair all divots, ball marks and any other damage that might occur. We also ask that you use cart paths as much as possible, ‘90 degree rule' in the new fairways, and also carts should travel in closely mown areas only and remain out of any rough. A big thank you to our groundskeeper Jim, and all of the volunteers that put in countless hours helping in the recovery from this Summer’s flooding.

While we still have many obstacles to overcome, we are excited to have our course in a much better state and look forward to the Spring!

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